A white LED front light

This is a short description of how to change the front light bulb for a white LED circuit.

This circuit pros :
• Replace the original Wedge Base bulb, no need to change the socket or the wiring.
• Very long lifetime : more than 100 000h (10 years).
• Vibration-proof.
• High efficiency, power consumption is reduced by 80%.
• Few heat is produced.
• Extra-white light, sometime lightly blue.
• Light flux slightly higher than with a standard 5W bulb.

This circuit cons :
• Overall cost may be high due to the price of the white LEDs, depending of the sourcing.
• Side viewing of the front light may be difficult, more than with the original bulb.

Schematic & Board

(image) (image)


• 4 x 180 ohms resistors 5% 1/4W.
• 12 x hight intensity white LEDs (or 6 depending of the efficiency).
• 2 x 1N4001 diodes or similar rectifier (min 50v / 1A).
• 2x round connectors 10mm x 2mm to be inserted in the Wedge socket.
• Epoxy PCB or pre-drilled board.

All components are standard and may be purchased at any electronic component shop.
Overall cost : less than 3€ without the LEDs (price may vary a lot).

Be carefull : diodes & LEDs are polarized components & sensitive to soldering overheat.
Diodes 1N4001 go on copper side.
All resistors stand verticaly.
The PCB shape is sensible : it must fit on the Wedge socket. Adjust with a set of thin files.
The circuit is polarity sensible. If it does not work, put it reversed on the socket.
A good idea is to paint the pcb in white or put a white self-adhesive label before soldering components. I forgot to do it !



This circuit will probably fail the MOT, use it under your own responsibility.


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